Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits –

When you decide to move to Panama as a retiree, you will be able to benefit from incredible discounts on airfare, restaurants, hotels, movie tickets, sporting events, health care, utilities, and more! They call it the Pensionado Discount and as a retiree you are called a Jubliado. In order to receive these discounts you need to apply for the Pensionado Visa and prove to the Panamanian government a monthly pension or retirement income of $1,000 from a government or corporation, plus $250 for each dependent (these numbers may change so check with your lawyer).

Before you can apply to receive a Pensionado Visa and retire in Panama you will need sworn documentation showing your pension income, certified and stamped by the Panamanian embassy in your country of origin, plus a valid passport and a clear police record for the past five years.

You must use a Panamanian immigration lawyer, pass a medical exam in Panama and be tested free of HIV.

Please speak with your Panamanian lawyer for any more questions on the laws, the restrictions, the regulations, etc. of the Retirement Benefits in Panama. If you have any other questions about retirement life in Panama, feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you!