Facts & Information

Where is Panama Located?

Panama is located in Central America next to Colombia and Costa Rica.

What is the Time Zone of Panama?

GMT – 5.

What is the size of Panama?

Panama is 75,517 square kilometers or 29,157 square miles.

What is the Population of Panama?

Panama has 3.5 million people.

What is the Population Density of Panama?

The population density of Panama is 44.5 per square kilometer.

What Currency is used in Panama?

The currency used in Panama is called the Balboa which actually is the US Dollar. The Balboa has been tied to the U.S. dollar (which is legal tender in Panama) at an exchange rate of 1:1 since 1903, and Balboas can be exchanged for U.S. dollars in Panama at any time at a 1:1 ratio.

Where is Panama’s Capital?

Panama City is Panama’s Capital which is on the Pacific Coast of the country.

What is the Population of Panama City?

The population of Panama City is around 900,000 people

What is the Geography of Panama?

Panama forms the land link between the North and South American continents. It borders Colombia to the east, Costa Rica to the west, and the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean to the north and south. The country forms an S-shaped isthmus, which runs east–west over a total length of 772km (480 miles) and is 60 to 177km (37 to 110 miles) wide. The Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean are linked by the Panama Canal. Only about a quarter of the country is actually inhabited with the majority of the population living around the canal and main cities of Panama City, Colon, or David.

What is Panama’s Government Type?

Constitutional Democracy.

Who is the Head of State of Panama?

President Ricardo Martinelli since May 2009.

What Languages are Spoken in Panama?

The official language is Spanish. You’ll find a significant amount of Panamanians to speak English, especially from the Caribbean Coast. There is also a large Chinese population here that speak Mandarin and Cantonese.

What Religions are practiced in Panama?

The majority of the population in Panama are Roman Catholic with 85%, and 15% in the other category consists of Protestants, Judaism, and small Muslim and Islamic populations.

What are the Social Normalcy’s in Panama when you greet someone?

When you meet a new person, handshaking is the normal form of greeting, but, if you know the person you are greeting then you give them a kiss on the cheek. The dress is generally casual though in a business atmosphere Panamanian men tend to dress formal in long pants, a button shirt, or sometimes suit and tie despite the hot weather outside and women in a dress suit or dress.