Earthquake & Hurricane History

Earthquakes in Panama

  • Panama occasionally has small earthquakes, and are most frequently felt in the province of Chiriqui, near the border of Costa Rica. This area of Panama is the most seismically active.
  • The small earthquakes are considered to be “good” earthquakes in that they allow for the gradual and nondestructive release of energy over time, rather than allowing for the pressures and subterranean stresses to build and then release all at once in a massive and destructive earthquake.
  • The fact that there are no major earthquakes like the ones we’ve seen in some other countries over the recent years make investing in Panama a safer choice. The earthquakes that occur in Panama are not destructive and you won’t have to worry about purchasing natural disaster insurance.


Are there Hurricanes in Panama?

  • One reason many people love Panama is because of the lack of extreme natural weather disasters like intense earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • Panama is ‘tucked away’ at 9 degrees latitude – below the reach of hurricanes.
  • All hurricanes originating off the coast of Africa are moved by prevailing winds and steering currents westward and northward with a few brushing the northern coast and islands of South America along 11 degrees latitude north of the Equator but not hitting Panama.