Titanic Efforts to Issue 350,000 Land Titles in Panama

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Title Certificate

Title Certificate

Beginning in June 2012, the National Authority of Land Management, also known as ANATI will initiate efforts to issue 350,000 titles to properties.  This news was recently announced by the general manager of authority, Franklin Oduber.

The “titanic” efforts, according to Oduber will begin this Monday, March 12th at the ANATI headquarters with a meeting for interested service providers.

Oduber also confirmed that the parcel of land in the Paitilla neighborhood has been transferred to the Public Registry, a controversial land ownership issue for quite some time now.  He relayed that the Panamanian Government now owns the land wholly and that President Martinelli would like to build a public park on the land.

With these efforts to protect ownership rights, when the land is titled, real estate values will increase with less chance of a random person coming along and claiming ownership.

Problems with fraudulent land titles issued using forged documents have been issues in areas of Panama like Bocas Del Toro, Boquete, areas near Colon in the Caribbean, and more.  Make sure to check the public registry online often to make sure land you own doesn’t have anything funny going on.

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