Panama’s Metro System Line One: Highest Scouring Bid Announced

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New Metro Line Panama

Panama Above Ground and Underground Subway

Yesterday, October 27, 2010, Panama announced the highest scoring company to build the line one of the new Metro System in Panama.  This metro line will run just under 14 kilometers starting from above ground, to ground level, and ending underground.  Commuters are looking forward to the outcome of these lines resulting in less traffic on the busy Panama city streets.

More information below from Wednesday’s La Estrella article:

The “Line One Consortium” composed of the Brazilian company Norberto Odebrecht, the company that built the coastal strip, and the Spanish company FCC, was revealed today as the company with the best score in public bidding to build the new Panama Metro transportation system, although they have not yet won the final contract. Their bid was to build the first line of the Panama Metro system for $1.446 billion dollars, and their presentation received a technical score of 578 points out of a possible 650, representing a total score of 65% in the bidding process. The contract includes the design and construction of Line 1 of the new Panama Metro subway system. This “Line One Consortium” is competing against the Italian Group Metro Panama. Line 1 will cover 13.7 kilometers from the district of Los Andes in the North of the city to the Albrook Bus Terminal in the South, and it will have 13 stations.

In other unrelated news, yesterday the Board of Directors of the Ground Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT), through resolution Number 14-JD of 31 August 2010, established caps of $25,000 dollars for bus owners (for the standard “Red Devil” buses), $35,000 dollars for the buses that run on the Northern and Southern corridors, $75,000 dollars for the “Nevera” type buses, and $50,000 dollars for the “Coaster” type buses, as part of the compensation for the startup of the new Metro Bus system. (La Estrella)

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