Panama’s Holidays: Why Leave Panama City When There’s Peace?

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Many cities around the world transform and become even more alive during National holidays.  They arrange festive parades down main boulevards, all night parties, and more!  But, this mentality does not happen in Panama City, Panama.

November brings with it 7 holidays in Panama, many of which Panamanians have off from work and travel to the Interior of the country to celebrate with friends and family.  These holidays are Nov. 1st- Children’s Day, Nov. 2nd- All Souls’ Day, Nov. 3rd- Anniversary of the Separation from Colombia, Nov. 4th- Flag Day, Nov. 5th- Colon Day (Colon Only), Nov. 10th- Anniversary of the First Call for Independence, and Nov. 28th- Anniversary of Independence from Spain.

Street Festival in Panama

Street Festival in Panama

Sure, you could sit in heavy traffic for hours making your way to the beaches or small Interior towns; spend loads of money on hotels, restaurants, and gasoline.  But, one suggestion that we recommend for anyone, if you are into a little thing called Peace and Quiet, is to stay in the city and walk around with the lack of smog, lack of Diablo Rojo buses, and lack of noisy neighbors blasting reggae from 5 blocks away.

Some of our friends that stay in the city during these National Holidays say that it’s the best time to be in Panama City and we agree.  There are usually some incredible house parties during these holidays, but don’t expect to find many businesses or restaurants open so to be prepared for that buy groceries and booze beforehand.  Being in the city will leave you a few day period of feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  You will be able to appreciate the views of the Panama bay without the noise and smog pollution getting in the way.

During the month of November you have two options; taking the party route which will leave you with some fun times, a skinny wallet, and a hangover.  Or take the peaceful route, stay in the city and enjoy the few times a year when Panama City is quiet with low pollution.  Which will you choose?

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