Panama’s New Buses Driving Before the Years End

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Volvo and Mercedes Benz Buses

Volvo and Mercedes Benz Buses

Live Invest Panama is ecstatic about the new buses that are arriving in Panama this November to replace the old and outdated Diablo Rojo buses.  In time for the December Holidays, Panama’s new buses are scheduled for driver training  in November and to start transporting riders mid to late December.  These new buses will drastically change the landscape of Panama City with less air and noise pollution.  More information below-

In November the first five new buses that will be used as part of the Metro Bus public transportation system will arrive in Panama, but they will not be put into service immediately, and rather they will be used to train the drivers that will be hired by the concessionaire, said the Minister of the Presidency, Jimmy Papadimitriu. He reiterated the fleet of 120 buses that will begin to provide transportation services along the Southern Corridor will arrive in mid to late December, while the Northern Corridor fleet will arrive in January. Papadimitriu noted that the concessionaire will have insurance for all buses, so that users are shielded from any harm. On 23 October, in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the tragedy of La Cresta, which left 18 dead and 25 wounded, the Government presented the first bus of the new urban transport system to the public. (Panama America)


  • Sarah Peren says:

    That’s so good news for everyone in Panama. Because I remember when I was in Panama; those buses were crazy driving and every year I heard of accidents from those old buses; but that was years old back 1996. Now, I cant wait to see my new Panama with a new transportation system just like NY, USA.

  • Fiona says:

    I am looking forward to the new buses also. I read La Prensa, Panama’s Newspaper and all the time there are accidents with the Diablo Rojo buses! Congrats!

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