Panama Taxi Meters

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Panama Taxi

Panama Taxi

The discussion of the implementation of meters in taxis in Panama is exciting to many residents and tourists.  As of now, the current toll for a taxi ride is quite confusing.  Currently, there are many different variables for price depending on what time of day it is, how many people are in the car, if there is luggage, how many zones traveled through in the city, etc.  This article from La Prensa was released Tuesday (November 1, 2010) discussing the matter.


ATTT analyzes implementation of taxi meters

Jorge Ricardo Fábrega, General Director of national transportation authority, ATTT, reported yesterday that the use of taxi meters in the country is now a matter of discussion and study.

In fact, the official went on to disclose that a testing phase has already begun, with a model taxi putting the device into practice.

According to Fábrega, this device does an efficient job at marking distance and time.  The official further explained that, when the driver is in a traffic jam, the meter goes at a slower pace so that the passenger does not pay the same rate for standing still.

“Today, there are modern methods that prevent the meter from becoming a weapon against the user,” Fábrega said on the Telemetro news program.

The director of the ATTT said this would help a large number of users who currently “do not know where a zone begins or ends,” which means that, in the end, the taxi driver charges  “whatever he wants”. The meter could help put an end to that problem said the official.

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