Panama Restaurants: Where to Find Amazing Corvina (Sea Bass)?

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Restaurant Style Corvina

Restaurant style Corvina

Seafood loving tourists that travel to Panama eat at restaurants in search of delicious local catches. With World Class fishing waters along the Pacific coast, there’s no shortage of seafood, and better yet, there’s an abundance of Panama’s most popular fish, Corvina.

A few interesting facts about Corvina:
• Commercial/Common Names: Seabass, Weakfish, Corvina
• Length of Fish: Ranges from 60-90 cm
• Fishing Season: Year Round
• Average Cost Per Pound: $2.00

The obvious next question is, “Where can I find the best Corvina in Panama?” The answer to that question is below:
1. Mercado Del Mariscos-Right when you walk inside the fish market (at the entrance of Casco Viejo), to your right is the ceviche stall where you can purchase a delicious serving of fresh corvina ceviche for only $1.
2. Veracruz- Drive over the bridge to Veracruz (only about 10-15 minutes from Panama City) and enjoy a fried whole Corvina with choice of papa fritas, yucca fries, patacones, or rice at the new restaurant along the water (Restaurant Veracruz). This huge plate only costs $8 and is some of the best fried Corvina in Panama.
3. Bay View Restaurant- This restaurant, on the water at Bay View Hotel in Palmar (close to San Carlos on the Pacific Coast ~60 minutes from Panama City) makes an excellent and generous coconut crusted corvina with passion fruit salsa. The fruity salsa pairs perfectly with the crispy coconut crust. The sound of the waves and sunset is also a spectacular addition. This plate with the tropical ambiance costs $12.50, not the cheapest option but a small price to pay for a taste of paradise.
4. Aromas Café- This Casco Viejo café/restaurant is one of the few restaurants in the area left that is reasonably priced and features delicious Corvina. This relatively new restaurant has cheap lunch specials and happy hours drink specials. The Corvina lunch special is possibly the best deal in Panama. The Corvina Al Ajo (Corvina with garlic sauce) is a large plate of fresh Corvina filet with intense garlic and herbs sauce served with coconut rice and salad for $3.25 (Lunch Special Only). We’ve tried other choices from the menu but stick to the Corvina, it’s by far the best food on the list!

There are many more restaurants with fabulous Corvina in Panama but these are the best we’ve experienced. We love that you can find a variety of different cooking styles at a several different price points.

In what restaurants in Panama have you tasted amazing Corvina?

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  • Jennifer says:

    Santa Clara beach bar y grill in Santa Clara.
    The resteraunt has its own panga, they catch the corvina every day fresh. Served as a fillet with garlic or the whole fish fried including salad and a choice of sides for 11.95 delicious

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