Panama Hotels: List by Province

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Seagull Cove Lodge in Boca Chica

Seagull Cove Lodge in Boca Chica

The Panama Travel Group has put together a list on their website (CLICK HERE) that breaks down each province’s top hotels, hostels, and B & B’s.  This list isn’t the most complete (let’s face it, Panama has a long way to go before every hotel and hostel gets their act together with a website and phone number) but it does organize some great places to stay by the area as well as give detailed information and photos.

We like this website better than Trip Advisor’s Panama site because there are simply more to choose from!  Check it out for yourself here

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  • Thank you for the great review for Panama Travel Group!! We put a lot of time and love into that site. All the hotels we sign we always go to inspect them and take pictures. It becomes a very personal relation with our providers. And you are right, I am still missing a ton! We have about 70 more hotels to upload to the site!

    Ursula Kiener Ford

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