Panama Doubles Wine Consumption

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More Wine being Consumed in Panama

More Wine being Consumed in Panama

Panama has doubled its wine consumption based on industry figures.  They state there were 500,000 cases of wine sold in 2009, more than twice as much that was sold in 2005 (240,000 cases sold).  It’s not surprising news since the amount of restaurants and hotels have dramatically increased.  One restaurant in mind is the new wine bar called, “DeVino Enoteca.”

DeVino Enoteca in Casco Viejo

DeVino Enoteca in Casco Viejo

This location alone serves ONLY wine from all over the world and is owned by wine enthusiast Denis Cerri.  DeVino has taken the Casco Viejo neighborhood by storm filling up almost every night with residents and tourists.

More information below on Panama’s Wine Consumption from La Prensa –


Wine consumption doubles

Panama clearly loves its wine now more than it did a few years ago.

According to industry figures, there were 500,000 cases of wine sold in the country in 2009, more than double the 240,000 cases sold in 2005. The International Wine and Spirit Research Council said that wine sales are growing 11 percent annually in the country.

The most popular wines are from Chile and Argentina, which exports 220,000 and 88,000 cases of wine to Panama each year, respectively. Other exporters are the United States (35,000 cases), Spain (32,000 cases) and Italy (27,000 cases.) The rest of the market comes from France, Australia, South Africa and Germany, which each export less than 5,000 cases to Panama.

In 2009, the value of the wines that entered Panama exceeded $14.7 million.

Wine retailers said the increase is due to the growth of the tourism industry, and more foreigners prefer wine to other types of alcohol.


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  • Paula says:

    OK, I confess. I have Really enjoyed the wines we have bought regularly at the supermercados when we visit Panama. Want to know my favorites? What are your recommendations?

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