Panama will Demolish Former US Embassy

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Former USA Embassy on Balboa Avenue

Former USA Embassy on Balboa Avenue

The new Financial Tower on Balboa Avenue in Panama City, Panama will replace the former United States Embassy.  The proposals for demolition of the building and removal will be received and reviewed on February 10th.  More information below from Panama America-

Bids Open Up On Contract To Demolish Former US Embassy on Ave Balboa

On 10 February the government of Panama will receive proposals for the demolition, removal and cleanup of the former Embassy of the United States in Panama on Ave. Balboa, the space where the new “Financial Tower” will be erected. The companies who are interested in competing for this government contract, with a cost to exceed $250,000 dollars, have access to the public bidding requirements in the portal PanamaCompra. Urban planner Alvaro Uribe said the construction of the Financial Tower on Balboa Avenue is an opportunity to rethink the whole model of the city, which besides the Metro, needs other things. For its part, the architect Carlos Ortega warned that the location is not appropriate for this type of a project, because it’s in an area near several hospitals. “These types of buildings generate an important amount of vehicular traffic,” added Ortega. Meanwhile, the president of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects, Julio Rovi, said he supports the construction of the project after the Government welcomed his recommendation to not give the contract to an American company, but to open the bidding up to all comers. The Financial Tower will have 69 floors and its construction is expected to conclude in 2014. (Panama America)

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