National Day of Mourning Following Death of Former Vice President, Guillermo Ford Boyd

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Guillermo Ford Boyd

Former Vice President, Guillermo Ford Boyd

The Cabinet Council declared Tuesday, March 22 a National Day of Mourning for Guillermo Ford Boyd and approved the closure of private and public offices today.  More information below –


Cabinet declares national day of mourning for VP funeral

In a unanimous vote yesterday afternoon, the Cabinet Council approved a resolution declaring Tuesday, March 22, a National Day of Mourning following the death of former Vice President, Guillermo Ford Boyd.

Consequently, the Cabinet approved the closure of public and private offices today, with the exception of those that – by nature of their duties – must remain open, informed the State Ministry of Communication in a press release.

The Cabinet also authorized the Executive Body to issue the corresponding executive order through the Ministry of Government.

In said decree, the Ministry of the Interior ordered three days of national reflection, beginning March 21, 2011, and that the national flag be flown at half mast consecutively from that date until March 23, as a sign of mourning and reflection in commemoration of Ford Boyd’s death.

The ministry further ordered the government to grant Ford Boyd the highest honors given his high rank as former Vice President and in recognition of his historical contribution to the democratization of the country.

William Ford Boyd was second VP of the Republic during the administration of Guillermo Endara (1989-1994) and served as President-in-Charge, from June 15-25, 1994.

The State Funeral will be held today, March 22 at the Metropolitan Cathedral, beginning at 8 a.m.

The funeral Mass will be officiated at 11 a.m., and once the religious ceremony has culminated, official decrees will be read by President Ricardo Martinelli and Vice President Juan Carlos Varela.


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