Metro Bus Fares Will Now be Paid Prior to Boarding

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A new payment plan for the Metro Bus is launching this week in which bus passengers will pay for the bus fare prior to boarding at a special purchasing station.  More information below from La Prensa-


Metro bus launches new payment system this week

This week, at the La Doña shopping center, the Metro Bus public transportation system will launch a new method for payment of fares.

According to Iván Posada, Manager of the operating company Transporte Masivo Panamá (Mi Bus), the company will establish a set area (i.e. a closed stop), where users can more easily board the buses. This, after they have paid their fair by purchasing a ticket at a special station, said Posada on the Telemetro Reporta news program.

The Mi Bus manager further informed that this test will help both the passengers and the system as a whole facilitate a smoother experience, as fares will not have to be paid upon boarding the bus.

Posada went on to inform that this pilot phase will be led by the government, the national transportation authority – ATTT, and the company in charge of collection – Sonda.


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  • Elida says:

    The bus does not pick up passengers that are going from Ciudad Radial to San Pedro or Los Pueblos to San Pedro. Is is because it is a short distance. I think they should stop at all bus stop and pick up anyone wanting to board even if its a short distance.

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