Maritime: International Port in Central Panama

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Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

The already established port of Cocle in the Province of Panama has begun promoting a dramatic upgrade to become worthy of international trade. This comes after other recent economic development news from this region including the possibility of an international airport. Trade, tourism, and business will boom when the new port, airport, and subsequent infrastructure open in the next few years.  These are exciting times for this region; real estate prices are still quite low and there is a lot of development in the pipeline.

Article from La Prensa:

Official promotes construction of international port in Coclé

Government official Salerno Noriel is promoting the construction of an international port in Aguadulce, located in the Coclé province, with the aim of contributing to economic development in the central provinces.

According to Salerno, it is necessary to build a port in Aguadulce to meet the needs of various countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Chile, that rely on the Pacific route.

The official said that, although the port in Aguadulce is not currently functioning internationally, it does meet the infrastructure requirements to be able to do so.

Moreover, Salerno asserted that the port of Balboa is already congested. In this regard, he went on to inform that he is currently promoting dialogue with representatives of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), and the Office of the President to discuss this issue further.

It is necessary to “urgently” enable the Aguadulce port, stressed the official, according to a press release from the National Assembly.

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