Healthy Eating in Panama

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Recent Visit to the Seafood Market for Ceviche

Recent Visit to the Seafood Market for Ceviche

Some North American Expats believe it can be somewhat of a challenge to eat healthy in Panama.  If you frequently eat all your meals at restaurants, maybe that is so but I can almost guarantee that you will still be healthier than if you lived in North America just looking at portion size alone.

Panama is known for their delicious and cheap produce and seafood.  Just head over to the produce market where you can get the best tasting tomatoes for 75 cents a pound or at the Seafood market fresh caught corvina for $2.25 a pound.

Below is a small list of our favorite places to get healthy eating options in Panama:

Panama City Locations:

  1. The Seafood Market for fresh seafood or seaside ceviche for $1 per cup!
  2. The Produce Market for Fruits and Veggies at a fraction of the supermarkets.
  3. Fresh Fruit Batidos (milkshakes) and Liquados (fruit smoothies) at the VIP stand in Casco Viejo $1.25.


Coronado Locations:

  1. Cholos Mexican Restaurant now has a long list of incredible salads.  Try the Fajita taco salad with shrimp for $8.50.
  2. Coronado Golf and Beach Resort Restaurant Chicken Cesar Salad $7
  3. New Frozen Yogurt Shop that is low calorie w/ array of fruit toppings- $4


Please let us know where you like to get your healthy food in Panama!

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