Hallelujah! Repair Work on the Bridge of the Americas Suspended

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Good New to auto drivers in Panama!  Last week we reported that the Bridge of the Americas will start repair work on the bridge shutting down half of the lanes from 4 to 2 lanes for two years.  Yesterday, the Public Works Minister announced that the work on the Bridge will be suspended for an undisclosed amount of time.  The amount of traffic in the city due to the construction of the metro and road work on Via Espana has been rough on drivers adding time onto everyones commutes.  La Prensa article below-

Public Works Minister Federico Suarez said on Tuesday January 10 for the mome

Let's Drive to the Beach!

Let's Drive to the Beach!

nt the work planned for the Bridge of the Americas will be suspended. Suarez announced that the contract for rehabilitation of the bridge of the Americas will continue its route, with menial jobs that do not affect traffic flow in this sector of the city. This is how they will do the work on one of the entrances to the bridge where there was a collapse in December 2010. Therefore, there will be a partial closure, which will be announced shortly. Earlier Suarez said on TVN News “the best access path to the capital city for the next months or years is the Centennial Bridge.” (Prensa)

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