Government of Panama Hopes to Attract German Companies

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BASF Chemical Plant

BASF Chemical Plant

With the opening of a plant by the chemical firm, Basf, a German Company, Panamanian Government officials are looking to attract more investment into the country from Germany.  With the increase in German tourists, thanks to the new flight from Frankfurt to Panama, the Government officials may just get their wish.  Article from La Prensa below-


Panama looking to attract more German companies

Government officials are hoping the opening of a plant in the Panamá Pacífico economic area by the chemical firm Basf will spark more investment in the country by German companies.

One of those companies being targeted is Don Limon, which imports agricultural products to Europe. Company ownerAndreas Shindler recently visited Panama to look at the possibility of exporting pineapples, melons, watermelons and bananas. The company already exports fruit from Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil to Europe.

Panama’s ambassador to Germany, Javier Calvo, noted that German companies linked to the energy sector are interested in Panama’s expansion into solar and wind production.

There has also been a large influx of German tourists to Panama thanks to the start of a flight between Frankfurt and Panama.


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