NEW Food Court at Tocumen International Airport

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Common Airport Food Court

Common Airport Food Court

There is more exciting news for travelers entering and exiting Panama. You will no longer have only two options for dining at Tocumen International Airport.  The current and previous options are one, spending way too much money at the one restaurant for mediocre to bad food (not to mention pretty bad service), or the other option, is starving until you get to your destination.  Either way, travelers do not leave Panama with a good taste in their mouths.  In this week’s La Prensa, they cover the plans for a new food court with 10 restaurants scheduled to be ready January 2011.  Read Below-


On 15 November the company International Meal Company (IMC) will begin work to build the food court formally Tocumen International Airport.

Contract was signed yesterday between the company and managed for the next 15 years the ‘food court’ and Tocumen SA

Jose Algarin, executive director for Central IMC said that the work will take 90 days and expected end of January 2011 have ended.

The company will set up a zone, 400 meters and will provide $ 4.5 million in the construction and equipping of the food court which will operate 10 restaurants, including Margaritaville, Cinnabon, Quiznos, Teriyaki, Carls Jr., Dominos and Chesters.

Algarin said they are negotiating with two other brands, but Panama, so they too are part of the expected area of food at the international airport, where there is only one restaurant and several small kiosks.

During the 15 years of the contract, Tocumen receive as rental fee $ 133 thousand a month and every two years this payment will increase by 5%.

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