No Extra Charge to Stop in Panama

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La Prensa just released this article explaining that the Panama Tourism Authority is working with Copa Airlines to make a free few day stopover in Panama during your journey if you choose.

Article from La Prensa-

“Tourists would stop in Panama at no extra cost”

Roberto González Jiménez

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines

One of the great opportunities that Panama has to grow as a tourist destination is to attract some of the tourists who pass daily through the Tocumen International Airport but did not visit the country.

The passenger who buys a trip to Copa Airlines with a stopover in Panama may remain in the country several days and then resume the journey to their final destination without extra cost.

Soon will launch a campaign in international media. “If we can nip 5% of that market, would be 150 000 people” in a year, Solomon said Shamah, administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority.

This will continue to promote being broadcast on international media, which offers free Atlapa Convention Center the organizers of events that bring a minimum of Congress.

According to latest official figures, which correspond to the month of July in the year to date have entered Panama 991,000 tourists.

For its part, including transit passengers and crew added 1.2 million. In this group of potential tourists will be targeted the next campaign to promote Panama abroad.

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