Elevated Metro Construction Begins

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The elevated Metro train in Panama City, Panama at the intersection of 12 de Octubre and Via Transistmica have begun and will take about 18 months for completion.

This part of construction will be the first elevated section of the first line of the new Metro subway system in Panama City.

Jose Agustin Arias, the Chief Engineer Advisor of the Secretariat of the Panama Metro, said that lane changes and other changes to traffic patterns have been made so that traffic can be as fluid as possible.

According to Arias almost 30% of the whole project has been completed, between underground (subway) sections, elevated stations, and tunneling work.

Panama Traffic

Panama Traffic

Panamanians, expats, and tourists alike will be extremely excited to have any alleviation in traffic in Panama City.  We are all crossing our fingers that this project reaches it’s potential.

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