More Direct Flights into Panama

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More direct flights to Panama

Panama is promoting tourism not only by increasing the amount of hotels, adding a new Metro line, and building new convention centers, but now Panama’s Tourism manager, Salomon Shamah is working with airline companies to increase direct flights from foreign countries to Panama.  The direct flights will promote easy access to Panama for travelers and business travelers alike.  Below is an article from La Prensa summarizing some of the new flights scheduled into Panama.


New airlines gear up for landing at the Tocumen International Airport.

Between November and December two companies will begin operations of Flight: Tame of Ecuador and Germany’s Condor. The first will make its first commercial flight to Panama on December 1, whereas Germany has referred to fly in mid-November.

Tame will have a frequency of six flights per week, excluding Saturdays and cover two routes a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday made the trip from Quito to Panama, while on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays will fly from Guayaquil to Panama.

But the Panamanian market is no stranger to Tame, the airline already performed two charter flights to Panama every seven days.

“We realized we had an opportunity to establish flights a week and hope in the first months of occupation of 75%,” Benaim said Maurice, manager of Tame in Panama.

For its part, the German airline Condor is only waiting for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) gives approval to begin flights to Panama.

The company made a direct flight to Panama from the German city of Frankfurt to a 45-minute stopover in the Dominican Republic.

For the president of the Panamanian Chamber of Tourism, Annette Cardenas, it is important to increase flight frequencies to the country, it is the only opportunity to attract more visitors. Besides these two airlines in 2011 awaiting the arrival of new companies, including Qantas of Australia, who will perform a scale of four days in Havana, Cuba, and then fly to Panama, where passengers will take another four days, then return to their country. In November he will take the first step for airlines of the UAE is interested in for flights to Panama.

Rafael Barcenas, director of AAC, said during the forum to carry out the Latin American Air Transport Association will sign a bilateral agreement with the UAE, which would allow companies such as Emirates Airlines and Flydubai set frequencies that include Panama.

For the next year also has seen the arrival of the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA), which is awaiting the results of the technician performing their new model Boeing Dreamliner to negotiate with Panama is a direct flight between the two countries.

Caribbean Connection

On Saturday October 23 was the first trip of the Dutch Antilles Express Company (DAE) to Panama.

The airline was founded in 2005 will have two flights a week between Curacao and Panama. Floris Van Pollan, CEO of the company, said the airline operates flights to Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic but said that Panama will be the first Central American destination that will cover the company.

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