A Day in the Neighborhood: Paitilla

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“A Day in the Neighborhood” Series

Once you have made the decision to move to Panama you will need to know where to go to satisfy all your daily needs. From the best grocery stores and work out places, to the top spots to meet people, dine out, and have a few drinks with friends. Panama is a new and undoubtedly different place than what you’re used to; those who move here with the notion that it will be “just like home” are not allowing themselves to fully embrace their new life in Panama and all the wonderful benefits it offers. To become acquainted with Panama and the lifestyle, you must truly be ready to open up to everything Panama has to offer.

An important part of moving abroad is the day-to-day lifestyle. For those who move to Panama with a blind eye, it can take a while to understand the ins and outs of Panama and its culture. This is the first article in the series “A Perfect Day in the Neighborhood.” We will use our current, intimate knowledge of Panama to arm you with the information necessary to best utilize Panama’s vibrant areas and their benefits.

A Perfect day in the Neighborhood:  Paitilla, Panama

Punta Paitilla & Balboa Ave

Wake up to the morning sun shining off the Pacific Ocean from your high-rise ocean view luxury condo building in Paitilla.  The equatorial sun shines bright from the East as it rises over Panama Bay and the vast Pacific Ocean.  The time will be close to 6:15am at any point during the year; you rush into your workout clothes and quickly head over to the Power Club Gym across the street next to the Super 99 grocery store for your 6:30 spinning class.

After a hard work out, enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Viva El Pan bakery and café (in the same shopping center next to the Sushi Express).  Here you can enjoy a coffee and bagel sandwich (costing you a little over $6) while sitting outdoors and watching the morning commuters zip by.

A little later you decide to dress up a bit and walk over to Multiplaza Mall (~5 minutes) to pick up a few things and do some high end window shopping.  Spend a few hours browsing designer stores such as Chanel, Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and more.

You remember that it is Wednesday and in Panama, Wednesdays are half price movie ticket day, even for the VIP Theater.  Pay your $4.50 (usually $9) for your VIP seat (Regular seat ticket prices are $4 and on Wednesdays are $2) and walk into your luxurious theater with comfy leather seats and a serving staff ready to take your food or beverage order.  You decide to order a light lunch of sushi and salad (around $10) during the movie and indulge.

After the movie is finished, you pick up a few necessities (some wine and food from Riba Smith Grocery Store) and head back to your condo.

You have a date with friends to meet at your apartment and grill some dinner together by the swimming pool in the social area.  The night is spent having a great time enjoying company in your building’s beautiful social area with a view of the ocean.

Paitilla is a neighborhood that is very affluent with mostly luxury high rise resident towers and pricey amenities such as salons, small boutiques, and expensive restaurants.   On Punta Paitilla there are many synagogues where you’ll find many people walking to temple from their homes and condos in the neighborhood.  The part of Paitilla closer to Marbella and Punta Pacifica are high car traffic areas with less pedestrians strolling around and hanging out with their neighbors.

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  • Paitilla is a stark contrast to the rest of Panama City, and Panama in general. In a lot of ways, it is like a perfect day in a US city, or the rare sunny day in Vancouver Canada. Shopping malls, nail salons and skyscrapers.

    It is hard to describe the feel, but this blog post has done a good job describing it. If you spend too much time there though, you forget you are in Panama.

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