A Day in the Neighborhood: Boquete, Panama

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Garden in Boquete, Panama

Garden in Boquete, Panama

Boquete is an extraordinary place to live.  The air is fresh, the people are kind, the coffee is strong, and the food is delicious!  There’s no surprise a few years ago Boquete became the center of attention as a top retirement haven in the world.  Panama became a spot on the map for people in their later years to move to and retire. Many North Americans travel to Boquete, Panama to see if this Panamanian mountain town is actually a magical place to retire.

A day in the neighborhood is a series on Live Invest Panama that takes you through what a typical day living in Boquete would be like.

Start your day with a fresh cup of Kotowa coffee, a popular coffee from the Boquete region.  Enjoy some warm oatmeal and fruit on the porch of your mountain home overlooking the lush verdant valley.

Next, go for a walk along the road that takes you around the “Mono Loop.”  This loop leads you to the center of town where you stop to pick up a few things from the Romero Grocery Store.  After taking a taxi back to your place and unloading groceries, you decide to make some lunch.

After lunch, take in a long siesta on your porch and rest up for the evening to come.  You’re invited to a birthday party for one of the local expats in the community for dinner and fun.

Later in the evening, your good friend from up the hill drives to your place to pick you up for the party. You two decide to have a nice glass of red wine on your porch before heading out to the party.  The brisk air on your porch makes for a very comfortable atmosphere.

You two then head down to the restaurant where the party is taking place.  The party is at the beautiful restaurant at the Panamonte hotel.  You see all your friends, have lots of delicious appetizers, vino, and enjoy the live jazz music from the band playing.

The night ends at just about 10pm and you are driven back to your lovely mountain home.  You made plans to play golf with friends the next morning at Valle Escondidos so you head right to bed.

This is a sample day of living in Boquete based on friends that we know that have been living in Boquete for a few years.  Please contact us if you have any more questions about Boquete or the lifestyle you’ll have while living there.

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