Chance: New Panamanian Film up for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film

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Chance the Movie

Chance the Movie

Spain’s 2011 Goya award nominations are out and the Panamanian movie, Chance is up for the best Spanish Language Foreign film against 9 other movies.  The Goya awards are Spain’s equivalent to the United State’s Oscars.  This nomination is big news for the small Panamanian film industry.

Chance, the movie was produced by the local studio Apertura Films which is run by Abner Benaim and was filmed entirely in Panama in many well known locations.  This film is a dark comedy about two live in maids that are mistreated, over worked, and underpaid.  In the movie, the maids decide to kidnap the family they work for and hold them ransom for revenge.  There are many hilarious moments in the movie that Panamanians and expatriates will be able to recognize by living in Panama.  The film plays on the domestic help that many upper class Panamanians mistreat regularly.

Watch out for the results on February 11th to find out if Chance won the Goya award.

Chance Trailer Here


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