Celebrity News – Actor Mel Gibson in Panama

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You always hear of celebrities that have discovered Panama, secretly vacationed on one of Panama’s hidden Tropical Island Resorts, or on the sly purchase ocean front property. After the film 007 Quantum of Solace was shot in Casco Viejo and Colon back in 2007, as well as the fresh off the press Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2012, shot in San Blas, Casco Viejo, and Bocas Del Toro, Hollywood might just be racing Panama’s way.

There was news that Mel Gibson was in Panama last week to discuss more details about the potential filming of a movie about Vasco Nunez Balboa. Talks about filming this movie have gone back to 2007, over 5 years ago. There have been sightings since then of Mel Gibson touring locations in the country as well as partying on Calle Uruguay.

Mel Gibson is in talks with Panamanian filmmaker Jose Chevy Severino about being involved in the movie. If Mel gets involved, the budget for the movie will increase dramatically from a few million dollars to over $200 million. It will be inte

Mel Gibson Scoping out the Scene

Mel Gibson Scoping out the Scene

resting to see if Mel Gibson brings a Braveheart style cinematic performance to Panama history. Imagine the press!

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