Carnival on the Cinta Costera

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Carnival Celebration

Carnival Celebration

News that the Cinta Costera will be the location for Panama City’s celebration of Carnival events has brought attention to the Minister of Public Works, Federico Suarez. His concern is that the water trucks that hose people down will damage the green areas of the Cinta Costera. He’s made it clear that he will not allow the water trucks to be involved in the early March celebration. More information below from la Prensa-

Minister: No culecos on Cinta Costera
Minister of Public Works Federico Suárez said yesterday that he will not allow culecos, or water trucks, on the Cinta Costera if that is picked as the site for the Panama City Carnival events.

Suárez said that the water trucks, which are used to spray the huge crowds that gather for the events to cool them down, would damage the Cinta Costera’s green areas.

Panama Tourism Authority Director Salomón Shamah, who is directing Carnival activities, still has not announced if they will take part on the Cinta Costera or Vía España.

Suárez has said he “will not allow the deterioration of the Cinta Costera.”


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