New Bridge Planned in Panama City Over Canal

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Existing Bridge Over Panama Canal

Existing Bridge Over Panama Canal

The influx of cars in Panama has been causing traffic problems for some time now especially in Panama City.  President Ricardo Martinelli announced Friday, February 11, 2011 that another bridge over the Panama Canal will be constructed.

In order to alleviate the heavy traffic over the Bridge of the Americas, Martinelli stated that the new bridge will be located near the existing Bridge of the Americas.  This bridge is in addition to the already planned bridge that will be built in the Colon area on the Caribbean side built by the Panama Canal Authority.

Federico Jose Suarez, the Minister of Public Works said that the new bridges are in need because of the growth of traffic entering and exiting the city from the interior of the country.

The new bridge will also help tourism and business at the beaches along the Pacific coast making them more accessible and quicker to get to.


  • Diane Spagnolo says:

    This article is very confusing to me. There is a photo of the old bridge and talk about a new bridge being constructed close to it. There is no mention of the new bridge that is already in existence. The one that partially collapsed months back. So, are there going to be 3 bridges into and out of the city when all is said and done?

  • George says:

    I’ve obtained a bit more information from another website called, The Panama Digest. This might answer your question,

    “Bridge number one is the Bridge of the Americas. Bridge number two is the Centennario Bridge which has been partially closed due to collapse issues since December. Bridge number three is a bridge that the Panama Canal Authority is building in Colon on the Atlantic Coast.
    Without going into detail, Martinelli said the bridge would connect Amador to Howard, La Prensa reports.
    In a government release announcing the taking of bids for the next bundle of public road works valued at $1.5 billion, however, the president seems to indicate that the fourth bridge would be substituted for the first bridge.
    “With the expansion of the Panama Canal and the transit of post-panamax vessels, in the future, the Bridge of the Americas would have to be replaced by a larger structure that allows for the passage of these vessels,” Martinelli said.”


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