Boquete Resident’s Review of Boquete Garden Inn

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The Boquete Garden Inn Panama

The Boquete Garden Inn Panama

One of our blog readers sent us her review of her favorite Inn in Boquete.  Below is what she wrote.  Please enjoy and send us any questions or comments, we will then forward them to her.  Thank you!

When I walked through the ivy covered arch way onto the grounds of the Boquete Garden Inn, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  The grounds are incredibly beautiful with colorful flowers everywhere, hammocks and benches for relaxing, and an at home atmosphere.

When we walked into our room, there were fresh flowers on the eating table that seats four people, 2 beds with beautiful white duvets, a kitchen, a beautiful bathroom, and all the conveniences of home. The smell in the room was so inviting and we woke up to birds singing outside of our window.

There is a great complimentary breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt with granola, fresh bread, juice and coffee. You can eat this breakfast outside in a very inviting sitting area and mingle with all the other people staying at the hotel or you can have the breakfast in your hotel room. You can watch T.V., or sit and listen to the birds.

The grounds of the Baquete Garden Inn are worth walking around and seeing. The garden is beautiful at every turn.  And, for early evening fun, they include a complimentary happy hour for your pleasure.

Boquete Garden Inn is cozy and private with an upstairs and a downstairs that is personal and unique. The cleaning staff is very good and trustworthy. The office help is so kind and will direct you anywhere you need to go. They offer you a cell phone to use (you just need to buy the card for the minutes), umbrellas, and more!  At the Boquete Garden Inn, they didn’t forget anything while building this wonderful piece of heaven. I have stayed here several times, and have encouraged all my friends to stay at Boquete Garden Inn as well.

I now live in Boquete, but will stay from time to time at Boquete Garden Inn just to have my own perfect “get away.” I love this place and hope that everyone will check it out.  If you have any questions that I could answer, please let me know. It is my joy to “share my slice of heaven” with others.

~Happy Boquete Resident


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