6.5 Million Cellphones for 3.4 Million People

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Everyone with Phones in Panama

Panama’s census states that there are currently 3.4 million inhabitants yet according to indicators of the mobile telephone service in Panama, there are currently 6.5 million subscribers.  Cell phones are a high priority for Panamanian people with many carrying more than one cell phone at a time.  This article indicates that only 5% of these 6.5 million subscribers hold a contract with an annual plan.  For more information on Cell phones in Panama read below or CLICK HERE

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In Panama, there are 6.4 million mobile phones

Indicators of mobile (cellular) telephone service in Panama reveal that, in this country, there are currently 6.496 million subscribers, according to estimates by the Public Services Authority (ASEP) for the year 2010.

The figure shows that the country maintains a high percentage of mobile phone use, as Panama City, according to the latest census of population, currently has approximately 3.405 million inhabitants.

In the statistical assessment of ASEP, it was also revealed that the annual rate of mobile phones per 100 inhabitants is 185.4 percent, which indicates that some individuals have more than one mobile communication device.

This trend has been increasing since 2005, when statistics showed a total of 1.784 million subscribers and a penetration of 54.2 percent, according to official records.

In fact, a study by the Social Analysis Division of the Ministry of Finance (MEF) released this year states that out of 10 Panamanians, 6 have 2 phones.

Prepaid versus contract

The majority of mobile phone users in Panama – an estimated 6.171 million – continue using prepaid cards versus the 324,808 users who subscribe to contracts with one of the telephone companies operating in the country.

Growth prospects for the telecommunications sector, according to ASEP, remain encouraging. According to another report by the institution, for the 2010-2014 period, authorities are projecting an investment of $851 million, the majority ($693 million) of which will focus on mobile phone service.


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