2 Years of 2 Lanes on the Bridge of the Americas

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Frustrating Traffic in Panama

Frustrating Traffic in Panama

La Prensa news reported yesterday that the Bridge of Americas in Panama City will be sliced down to 2 lanes on the Bridge of Americas for 2 whole years starting today.  The Land Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) said that the repair work will be on the infrastructure of the bridge and will be divided into two phases.  The company MSM Global will be doing the work for a total cost of $80.7 million dollars.  They are asking cargo trucks exceeding 10 tons and refrigerated vehicles to use the Centennial Bridge.

Expect to have major delays and backups due to this and the metro construction.  If you thought traffic was bad in Panama before, get ready for mayhem.  The one thing we all need to remember as we are sitting in traffic is that we are suffering now for the better of the future. 

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