1st Phase of Expansion at David Airport Complete

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Enrique Malek Airport in David, Panama

Live Invest Panama is proud to introduce the new landing strip in Panama’s Chiriqui Province.  This new expansion will positively effect those choosing to live, invest, and travel in Panama’s beautiful Chiriqui Province.

The new landing strip of one thousand 800 meters in length built for commercial flights at the Enrique Malek airport in David, Chiriqui, Panama, was delivered yesterday.

This is the first stage of the modernization of the Enrique Malek airport in David, Chiriqui, Panama.

A modern asphalt concrete track will begin operating today, designed for takeoff and landing of aircrafts, while the current is being rebuilt which is part of the second phase of the project.

Rafael Barcenas, national director of the Civil Aeronautics of Panama, said the second stage will be delivered in December 2010, while the third and fourth, on November 29, 2011.

This is an investment of $ 27 million financed by the Government. Riva Argentina Real Estate Company, Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural (SAIICFA) is the company in charge of the project.

With this modernization the Enrique Malek airport in David, Chiriqui, Panama will have the capacity to receive aircrafts of 240 passengers, and then rises to category 7, which makes them comply with international standards.

Airport in David, Panama

Moreover, an investment was made of 3 million dollars to have 2 fire trucks with capacity of 3 thousand gallons of foam, chemical and water, which would be used in an emergency.

According to Barcenas, in a few months jet service will be offered from the Panama City toDavid in Chiriqui and vice versa, travel will take 32 minutes, because the intention is to get direct flights from Colombia and the United States.

Aixa Santamaría, governor of the province of Chiriqui, explained that this expansion is part of development that this province needs.

Article courtesy of the Panama America Newspaper


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