Obarrio, Panama City, Panama

Where is Obarrio?

This neighborhood is centrally located between El Congrejo and San Francisco right in downtown Panama City.

What are the Homes Like in Obarrio?

Obarrio is a mixture of nice condominiums and luxury homes that are fairly recently built, but nothing brand new like in other new neighborhoods in Panama City. There is a more residential community feel when you are in Obarrio.

What is the Neighborhood Vibe of Obarrio?

This neighborhood is filled with Panamanians and ex pats that like to be close to it all. There are numerous restaurants, high end stores, bars, and more located around Obarrio giving a city like vibe and convenient living area. Unlike El Congrejo, there is a bit less of a community oriented feel.

What Amenities are close to Obarrio?

You can walk to restaurants, banks, bars, famous churches, pharmacies, and grocery stores. It is close to the banking district, high end malls, and top health care facilities.

What Makes Living in Obarrio Unique?

This area is nice and unique because there are lots of beautiful green spaces, matured trees, large homes and condos, and plenty of close by amenities. This area is right in the heart of Panama City.