Casco Viejo / Antiguo / San Felipe, Panama City, Panama

Where is Casco Viejo?

Casco Viejo is located on the Western end of Panama City along the bay. It is a Peninsula jutting off the coast in between Balboa Avenue and the Amador Causeway.

What are the Homes Like in Casco Viejo?

Homes range from large historical mansions to small condos, some are restored with the beautiful architectural styles of Spanish, French colonial, American, Art Nouveua, and Caribbean style. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with strict regulations and rules for building and restoring. Here, you can live in a restored condo that looks almost identical to the way it did 300 years ago.

What is the Neighborhood Vibe of Casco Viejo?

There are Lovely plazas and squares, plus galleries, restaurants, and cafes with tables out on the sidewalks giving this neighborhood an artsy vibe. To walk through Casco Viejo is to walk through history. Buildings sitting side by side can be over three hundred years apart in age. Many residents enjoy free shows at the National Theater, art opening parties at the local galleries, and plenty of people watching sitting on their balconies or at cafes.

What Amenities are close by Casco Viejo?

Close by is the Mercado Del Mariscos, where you can find an array of fresh fish and seafood. Also in Casco Viejo you have some of the best restaurants in town with beautiful scenery, fabulous bars, little boutiques, mini-markets, beautiful hotels and Inn’s with lots of personality and charm, as well as a Sunday Flea Market with food stalls and antiques.

What is the weather like in this Casco Viejo Neighborhood?

You are adorned with a lovely ocean breeze in Casco Viejo due to the water surrounding the peninsula it is situated on.

What is the History of Casco Viejo?

Casco Viejo is the oldest city on the Pacific Coast of the Americas, and lies at the foot of the Panama Canal on one side and Panama City on the other. The area now serves as one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, frequented by tourist guides and photographers alike. The architecture is a combination of ruins from the days of Spanish Explorers, Pirates, and French Colonists from the first attempt made on the Panama Canal by the French. Balconies are filled with flowers such as geraniums and bougainvillea wrapped around sculpted wrought iron railings. There are Historical plazas with such figures as heroic Generals on horseback like Liberador Simon Bólivar, which has his statue situated in the center of Plaza Bolivar. The Church of San Francisco (La Iglesia de San Francisco), National Theater (El Teatro Nacional), Hotel Colonial, and Bólivar College (Colegio Bolivar) are all attractions to visit in the historic area.

What Makes Living in Casco Viejo Unique?

This neighborhood has a mixture of architecture, social classes, restaurants, monuments, and plazas. There is a small feel to this neighborhood and neighbors tend to know each other well with many residents sitting in outdoor cafes or hanging out on their balconies.