Bella Vista & Marbella, Panama City, Panama

Where is Bella Vista and Marbella?

Bella Vista and Marbella are located in the heart of Panama City just behind Panama´s scenic Avenida Balboa and next to the banking district.

What are the Homes Like in Bella Vista and Marbella?

Bella Vista was once comprised mostly of Spanish Colonial homes typical to the older towns and areas of Panama, but in recent years has become an area of high growth. Many of these colonial homes are being replaced with ultra modern apartment condos, which boast very beautiful views of the Bay of Panama, Panama City Skyline, Historic District of Casco Viejo, and the Amador Causeway and Panama Canal. Marbella has a mixture of high end condo buildings, smaller condo buildings, as well as middle to upper class individual homes.

What is the Neighborhood Vibe in Bella Vista and Marbella?

This neighborhood has a Spanish Charm to it with the architecture as well as the winding tree lined streets. You can walk to nice restaurants, the grocery store, shops, boutiques, and nightlife. Marbella is also close to the nightlife of Panama City yet many of the condos are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. This neighborhood is a nice enclave in the city with a community feel.

What Amenities are close by to Bella Vista and Marbella?

This is a great neighborhood for being in close proximity to convenient amenities. The Riba Smith grocery store, a specialty meat store, dry cleaners, restaurants, cafes, shopping, and more are all within Bella Vista and Marbella.

What is the weather like in Bella Vista and Marbella?

In Bella Vista you will find the streets are nicely lined by tall trees leaving the shaded sidewalks a bit cooler than other parts of the city. But, in Marbella the weather is typically hot with humidity. In Marbella, you don’t have the ocean breeze cooling you off like you do along the water.

What Makes Living in Bella Vista and Marbella Unique?

Bella Vista is great because it’s so close to everything, yet it is quiet and has a small neighborhood feel. The Spanish Style homes are gorgeous and some have been bought out and converted into beautiful high end restaurants. There is definitely a more artistic vibe living in Bella Vista than in other parts of the city which are more modern. Marbella is nice because it has a mix of the old and new. Unlike other parts of the city, in Marbella you have a mixture of housing styles, lots of trees, a neighborhood feel, as well as an array of convenient amenities.