Balboa Ave / Cinta Costera, Panama City, Panama

Where is Balboa Avenue?

Balboa Avenue is a trendy Avenue that runs along the bay in Panama City. Directly along Balboa Avenue is the new Cinta Costera, a biking and running path along the bay with beautiful monuments, landscaping, and playgrounds.

What are the Homes Like along Balboa Avenue?

Balboa Avenue is known for modern luxury high rise condos. When people talk about Panama City’s Skyline, they are speaking of the skyscraper condos along Balboa Avenue. These homes range from 1 to 4 bedroom condos with ocean views with 24 hour doormen and lounge security, a roof top social area, a gym, and swimming pool. The condos on Balboa Avenue generally receive the most expensive rent. Also along Balboa Avenue are some historical and older buildings including the old American embassy, the current British Embassy, and the Children’s Hospital.

What is the Neighborhood Vibe along Balboa Avenue?

If you live in a condo on Balboa Avenue, you’re probably times surrounded by investment properties rented out to visitors and visiting professionals in town on business. The vibe on Balboa is very trendy and social. This is a convenient place to live for a busy lifestyle that craves excitement and entertainment close by.

What Amenities are close by to Balboa Avenue?

The condos along Balboa Avenue are very convenient to Multicentro mall, trendy and classy hotels, parks, monuments, banks, restaurants and a huge variety of other amenities within walking distance.

What is the weather like along Balboa Avenue?

Sometimes you’ll receive an ocean breeze from the bay but for the most part it’s very hot in these condos due to the lack of shade and direct sun shining off the bay.

What is the History of Balboa Avenue?

In the past 10 years the height of the condo buildings have drastically increased. Futuristic high rises are being built one by one filling the Panama City Skyline with more of a Hong Kong look. In 2009, the new Cinta Costera was completed, providing better flow of traffic with more lanes and parks and green area for recreation that changed the look and culture of this neighborhood. Now, if you live along Balboa Avenue, you have a beautiful green space directly in front of you along the bay creating a nice running, biking, or roller blading path. Panamanians and tourists flock to the Cinta Costera to enjoy a nice stroll with a bay breeze as the sun sets in the evenings or in the mornings before work.