Amador Causeway, Panama City, Panama

Where is the Amador Causeway?

The Causeway is on the Western part of Panama City and is at the Southern entrance of the Panama Canal.

What are the Homes Like on the Amador Causeway?

There are mostly luxury condo developments at the beginning of the Causeway. These condos enjoy Sweeping views of the Panama City skyline as well as the beautiful Casco Viejo.

What is the Neighborhood Vibe on the Amador Causeway?

The vibe of the Causeway is breezy and tropical. This is because this long, narrow stretch of land is lined with tropical palm trees and surrounded by turquoise blue waters. Along the Causeway there are magnificent views of the Panama Canal and the Panama City skyline. It has become a popular venue for walking, jogging, skating and bicycling, in the early morning or as the sun goes down.

What Amenities are close by the Amador Causeway?

Unlike other neighborhoods centered closer to the city center, living on the Amador makes it necessary to own a vehicle to go to the grocery store or to the mall, but you are within a 5 minutes drive to the city and convenient amenities. There are many restaurants, night clubs in Zone Viva, a new convention center, and tourist attractions within walking distance.

What is the weather like on the Amador Causeway?

Very breezy and beautiful!

What is the History of the Amador Causeway?

It took 18 million yards of solid rock extracted from the famous Culebra or Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal to build this Causeway. The Causeway was formerly part of a military base, which has been transformed into a flourishing tourist attraction.

What Attractions are on the Amador Causeway?

* Party at Zona Viva with a strip of bars and clubs and Top nightlife.

* There is a Marina where you can charter yachts or go deep sea fishing.

* The new Frank Gehry Bio-Diversity Museum as well as the Smithsonian Institute, shops, restaurants, bike rentals, etc. are frequented.

* It is a great place to go bike riding on Sunday mornings. Quiet, pleasant, and tree-lined.

* The concerts and performances at the Figali Convention Center.