Pearl Islands, Panama

Where are the Pearl Islands?

The Pearl Islands are located on the Pacific coast, 35 nautical miles off the cosmopolitan city of Panama City. The Pearl islands archipelago are composed of 90 islands and around 130 islets or keys, with the most frequented being Isla Contadora.

What are the Homes Like in the Pearl Islands?

The homes on Isla Contadora vary is size but for the most part are luxurious and owned by wealthy Panamanians. There are also many beautiful resorts on Isla Contadora that are frequented by vacationers and tourists. Most of the resort workers live on Isla Saboga, which has small homes along the water and planned developments for the future.

What is the Vibe in the Pearl Islands?

The neighborhood vibe is very tropical and slow paced. Many people here have small markets to purchase their needs but supplies are limited due to proximity to the main land. Here you will find a slow paced lifestyle for people who love to relax and enjoy the island scenery.

What Amenities are close by the Pearl Islands?

There are resorts, hotels, restaurants, a small airport, and a few other conveniences close by. Isla Contadora and some of the other Pearl Islands have development plans in the near future which will likely bring more amenities and more tourists.

What is the weather like on the Pearl Islands?

Hot Tropical Island weather can be enjoyed in the Pearl Islands.

What Makes Living in the Pearl Islands Unique?

Living in the Pearl Islands is very unique. The lifestyle alone is not something that most people would take on due to the limited amenities but the beauty is unparalleled. Expect full time and part time residents with a large wallet.

What is the History of the Pearl Islands?

The rich history of the Pearl Islands is alluring to say the least. The Pearl Islands have hosted such pirates and explorers as Sir Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Balboa. At one point in history, the Archipelago of Las Perlas was famous for its Pearls.
The legendary Pearl Islands got their name from an Indian King who ruled in pre-Columbian times and whose main occupation was pearl diving. Pearls were then used as ornaments and to trade. Of course the Pearl Islands awoke the greed of the Spaniards and Vasco Nuñez de Balboa was the first attracted by its wealth in gold and pearls. Later in history, the Pearl Islands sheltered famous pirates of different nationalities who for several centuries looted the wealthy Spanish settlements and fleets.