Coronado Area Beaches Near Panama City, Panama

Where are the Pacific Beaches of Panama?

Along the Pacific coast of Panama, right outside the metropolis of Panama City, are a string of beautiful beaches with turquoise blue waters. These include the stretch of beaches right outside Panama City, reaching from the tropical homes of Punta Chame as far as the premium developments at Buenaventura. Popular beach communities exist in Punta Chame, Coronado, Santa Clara, Playa Blanca, Farallon, Decameron, and Buenaventura to name a few.

What are the Homes Like on the Pacific Beaches?

The homes on the Pacific coast near Panama City have many different sizes, styles, and prices. Ranging from luxury beach front gated communities with full service resorts, condos, and homes, to small private beach bungalows; a wide array of homes are offered. Some of the most prestigious homes are nestled along this coast where the rich and famous from Panama City spend their weekends and vacations.

What is the community Vibe at the Pacific Beaches?

The neighborhood vibe is different from town to town along the Pacific coast. In Coronado you can enjoy a community atmosphere with convenient amenities such as an eclectic mix of restaurants, malls, 24 hour grocery stores, hardware stores, and more. Here you have groups of North Americans and Europeans mixing with Panamanians, and Central and South Americans, joining together for weekly social events.

Playa Blanca has more of a resort setting with the Playa Blanca optional All-Inclusive hotel and resort. Playa Blanca is still under construction and is currently building a community center with amenities similar to Coronado that will be complete in the coming years. Other beach front communities have affordable options while some have over the top accommodations that are priced accordingly. Many people enjoy the vast array of beautiful and interesting birds and animals that also live in this area.

TIP: Try to read blogs and book a vacation rental in the area that you are considering to buy first because these beach communities are very different and you don’t want to end up disappointed in your decision.

What Amenities are close by to the Pacific Beaches?

Along the InterAmerican Highway are restaurants, mini markets, and small shops. The best amenities to all these Pacific beaches outside of Panama City are the shopping centers and malls at Coronado. Here, there are restaurants, surf shops, 2 large 24 hour grocery stores, beauty salons, hardware stores, and much more.

What is the weather like at the Pacific beaches?

The weather along the Pacific is lovely with a warm sun and cool ocean breezes.

What Makes Living at the Pacific Beaches Unique?

Living on the beaches or having a second home here is wonderful because in some beach communities there are neighbors and friends with weekly social events. You also have the option of purchasing a property along the Pacific that is in a location that is very private and quiet. You can relax at the beach every single day if you wish, play golf or tennis, all within an hour or two of the very cosmopolitan Panama City. Many residents take one of the safe and air conditioned $3 buses into the city that stop along the InterAmerican highway at the beach towns and arrive into Panama City when they crave the city life but for the most part, if you ask any resident, they’re very content staying where the sand stays on their feet.