Beaches of Chiriqui (Near David / Boca Chica), Panama

Where are the Pacific Beaches of Chiriqui?

The beaches along the Chiriqui Province of Panama are on the Pacific Western Coast within 20 minutes to an hour from David, Panama’s second largest city.

What are the Homes Like in the Pacific Beaches of Chiriqui?

The beach homes in the Chiriqui Province still consist of many large estates with beautiful Spanish style homes but are quickly being purchased for development of resort communities. Boca Chica has beautiful resorts and homes along the water that bring many vacationers, retirees, and deep sea fishing sportsmen. The waters around these parts are World Class fishing waters that continue to gain more and more recognition. You can find mansions in these areas as well as small homes and condos. Also, the Las Olas Playa La Barqueta beach community is only 20 minutes from David with a variety of mansions, villas, condos, and homes.

What is the Community Vibe at the Pacific Beaches of Chiriqui?

The vibe is very quiet along these beaches in comparison to Bocas Del Toro and the Pacific beaches near Panama City. This area is slowly becoming more and more popular.

What Amenities are close by to the Pacific Beaches of Chiriqui?

These beaches are all within about an hour from the city of David with large grocery stores, a Price Smart, malls, hospitals, an International Airport, and more.

What is the weather like at the Pacific Beaches of Chiriqui?

It is very hot along this coast but you do have a nice breezy ocean air by the water.

What Makes Living at the Pacific Beaches of Chiriqui Unique?

The unspoiled beauty and gorgeous sunsets along the coast, the low cost of living, cheap seafood restaurants, world class fishing, proximity to the city of David and Boquete, Mountain views, and a naturally beautiful lifestyle.