Azueros Peninsula (Pedasi), Panama

Where is the Azuero Peninsula?

The Azuero Peninsula is the large peninsula along Panama’s South Western coast jutting out into the beautiful Pacific Ocean Waters.

What are the Homes Likeon the Azuero Peninsula?

The homes on the Azuero Peninsula range from Spanish style in the small colonial towns, to new beach condos, small beach huts, and large over the top beach mansions.

What is the Azuero Peninsula Community Vibe?

The community vibe is different from town to town along the Azuero Peninsula. For the most part this is the underdeveloped section of Panama that has plans for future developments and an International Airport. Right now the vibe is sleepy and laid back (except for religious holidays and festivals) but chances are that will change with high end resorts and developments coming soon!

What Amenities are close to the Azuero?

The Azuero Peninsula still lacks many amenities and luxury’s that other places in Panama contain but that will change. You can find small restaurants and grocery stores in the Azuero as well as some hotels around the surfing and colonial towns.

What is the weather like on the Azuero Peninsula?

The weather is quite nice on the Azuero Peninsula. It is hot but does have less rain than other parts of Panama.

What Makes Living on the Azuero Peninusla Unique?

The Azuero Peninsula has a Spanish vibe with its red tiled roofs and a relaxing atmosphere with porches lined with rocking chairs and hammocks. There are tranquil towns with squares where you will find centuries old churches and other remnants of a Spanish empire. The people of the Azuero Peninsula reflect their Spaniard ancestry and are some of the friendliest people you will find, always greeting strangers with a smile.