Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama

Where is Volcan?

This small mountain village is located on the South Western slopes of Volcan Barú in Panama’s Chiriqui province only 45 minutes drive from David, Panama’s second largest city.

What are the Homes Like in Volcan?

There are homes here that people say resemble Swiss Alpine lodges as well as homes with the popular Spanish contemporary design. Almost all the homes come with large yards and beautiful mountain vistas.

What is the Volcan Community Vibe?

The community vibe in Volcan is very quiet. There is not much of a social scene here though that may change one day as this town is gradually increasing in size.

What Amenities are close by to Volcan?

Volcan is located only 45 minutes from the city of David with large grocery stores, a Price Smart, shopping malls, hospitals, an International Airport, and more. On the main street in Volcan, there are four supermarkets, four gas stations, five hardware stores, three bakeries and more than twenty places to eat.

What is the weather like in Volcan?

A year round Spring like climate is enjoyed in Volcan due to its 3,000 foot elevation. After a heavy rain in the mountains, there are beautiful rainbows and sunshine that span across the sky.

What Makes Living in Volcan Unique?

Not only are you in a mountain town with fresh air, nature, rivers, streams, and wildlife, but you are also not far from Panama’s Pacific beaches in Chiriqui with deep sea fishing, surfing, and fun in the sun! Also in Volcan you can go horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting, bird watching, zip lining and on eco tours. This part of Panama is still inexpensive to buy real estate with prices expected to rise in the near future.