The Mountains Near Panama City, Panama

Where are the Mountains Near Panama City?

The mountain towns outside of Panama City are within 45-90 minutes drive West from the center of Panama City.

What are the Homes Like in the Mountains?

Mountain homes outside of Panama City range in style but most mountain homes are built with plenty of open space as well as a large outdoor living space usually with a covered terrace or patio.

What is the Vibe in the Mountains?

In Panamanian mountain towns, the vibe is a lot slower and relaxed. The air is fresh, time can be enjoyed hiking, birding, reading, cooking, golfing, or doing leisure activities. These mountain towns are usually filled with retirees from the US and Canada with a nature loving spirit and happy lifestyle.

What Amenities are close by the Mountains?

There are lots of small grocery stores and health facilities close to these mountain towns, but all of them are within a half hour or so of Coronado, boasting the best amenities along the Pan American highway. Many new businesses are popping up day by day along the highway making common conveniences a lot more accessible than in the past.

What is the weather like in the Mountains?

Spring like temperate climates are enjoyed in these mountain towns.

What Makes Living in the Mountains of Panama Unique?

Relatively close to Panama City you can live in a small mountain community with the tranquility and peacefulness that will make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable. The cost of living in these mountain towns are also very low and it is common to find great deals on beautiful properties.