Bocas del Toro, Panama

Where is Bocas Del Toro?

The islands of Bocas del Toro are located on the Caribbean coast of Panama, just south of the Costa Rican border. They consist of hundreds of mangrove keys, virgin coral reefs, white sand beaches and pristine turquoise water set against the dramatic backdrop of the 10,000 foot peaks of the mainland. The most populated island is Isla Colon where you can arrive from Panama City or David by plane or from the town of Almirante by boat.

What are the Homes Like in Bocas Del Toro?

In Bocas Del Toro Caribbean style homes are very popular among the locals and foreigners. The island atmosphere is very laid back in this town which translates to the architecture of the homes as well. With oceanfront home sites, tropical rain forest retreats, large secluded farms, ocean view properties; these can still be purchased at a fraction of the prices you’ll find elsewhere.
The architectural style of Bocas del Toro is predominately Caribbean Colonial; a Victorian style that reminds many of the ambiance of Key West. The town is striving to preserve this old world character by requiring that all new construction or remodeling on the main street must conform to that Colonial style.

What is the Bocas Del Toro Community Vibe?

The community vibe is very tropical and slow paced. There is a huge party scene amongst the tourists and residents with many restaurants and bars over the water. There is also a nice neighborhood community that partakes in trash clean ups, community events, dances, and fundraisers. The vibe in Bocas town in a very fun one! Many love this town because it’s a “walking” town with few motor vehicles driving around and lots boats to island hop.

What Amenities are close to Bocas Del Toro?

In Bocas you have tons of restaurants, hotels, beach rentals, small grocery stores, Spanish language schools, internet cafes, a beautiful yoga studio, and more.

What is the weather like in this Neighborhood?

Hot Tropical Island weather can be enjoyed in Bocas del Toro. Warning: The Bocas Islands receives a lot of rain seasonally, so make sure you you can handle being wet and rained on for days at a time, depending on the season.

What Makes Living in Bocas Del Toro Unique?

Living in Bocas del Toro is a very beautiful, fun, and laid back lifestyle. There are many different styles of properties that can be purchased creating a nice variety of residents. One thing that’s great about living in Bocas is the natural beauty surrounding you and a large enough variety of accommodations and activities to keep life exciting. Also, many of the residents speak English!

What are some of the main attractions of Bocas del Toro?

One of the main attractions of the area is Bastimentos National Marine Park. This is one of the most important marine habitats that exists in the world today and covers 30,000 acres. It is a protected zone for the endangered manatee and is a tarpon spawning ground.
This region, considered the most geographically diverse in the Caribbean, abounds with eco-tourism attractions such as bird, dolphin and turtle watching, jungle hikes and sailing tours.
It is also the home of two tribes of indigenous people who are happy to share their age-old lifestyles and crafts with visitors.
Opportunities abound for outdoor recreational activities including camping, surfing, snorkeling and diving, hiking, boating and beach combing on the many secluded islands.